Keeping HopeAlive/Working the Steps: Step 9, Part 2

“It was so sad, Mom,” the child reported.  “All she could do was put her head down on her desk and cry.”

“And what did you do?” the mother asked.

“I didn’t know what to do, so I just went over to her desk.  I sat down beside her and put my head down and cried with her.”

Sometimes making amends means you and the person you have hurt have to cry together.

Tears are the body’s way of praying, I’ve been told.

In this season of pandemic and confusion, nurture your soul.

Keep on doing your spiritual practices, and wherever and whenever you need to make amends, do so.

Grace to you —


P.S.  Because of the length of time between my last post on the Twelve Steps, I will be completing that series as well as continuing the current series, Keeping Hope Alive.”   Today I blend the two emphases in one blog post.


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