Keeping Hope Alive: Radical Courage in Desperate Times

Keeping hope alive is not some other-worldly, rose-colored wishful thinking.   It comes from within, and I believe that hope is the very presence of God within us, urging us forward, helping us to get up and take the next step indicated.  And hope comes from the Source of life itself, of love itself.

Our job is to fan the flames of that everlasting love by opening our minds and hearts to the Presence of the Source….within us and all around us…and between us, offered as a gift to each other.  God grants us the grace of hope….our job is to practice resurrection day by day.

When you are crying, I want to stand with you and give you presence.

When I am crying, please stand with me.

We are all walking each other home, and sometimes the path is rocky.

Grace to you –


(Next blog post:  Step Ten:  Continued to take personal inventory, and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it.)


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