Growing Edges “Keeping Hope Alive”

Dr. Smedes’ retreat theme, Keeping Hope Alive was inspired by a slogan used during a turbulent time in Los Angeles. It was intended to encourage persons through a turbulent, frightening and unsettling time in the life of that city.  And now, it is a slogan for us today.

Yes, Wyatt, there are germs at the museums, and there are germs everywhere.

And yes, these are our current turbulent times.  It is an uncertain and terrible time, in fact.

There are scary things in life that we have to endure, and there are people who do scary things, but it is up to us,  the parents, grandparents, friends and teachers – the elders among us, if you will– to keep hope alive in our own hearts and minds, first of all, for our own well-being.

Just as we wear our masks in public, it is important for us to keep hope alive for the welfare of others.  Keeping hope alive is essential work, and it is a work worth doing.

Hope is essential for children of all ages to thrive, so in this time of germs and the viruses of fear, hate and divisiveness, the challenge is to first, do no harm with our talk or our behavior.

The truth is that children learn from us and more is caught than taught, when caring for children.  We teach our children by our own behavior and attitudes.

We must rise to the challenge and by our words, but more, our actions, express both honesty and hope, first for ourselves and both with each other and for each other.

Remember:  The children are watching.   Keep hope alive.

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  1. Jana
    Jana says:

    Thank you, dear friend, for challenging me to “keep hope alive” in my actions & words (especially social media posts!)

  2. Ann Yeoman
    Ann Yeoman says:

    Thank you, Jeanie. Your words are spot on, as usual. And always a comfort and full of hope. Love to you, Martus, and your loved ones!

  3. Charlotte Sullivan
    Charlotte Sullivan says:

    You make very important point about the difference between wishing, positive thinking, and hope. Hope compels us to action, while the other two are simply thoughts. Hope energizes us to pray, to behave responsibly, to help others, and to seek changes. Hopeful is not an idle state of being. I needed that reminder. Thank you.

    • Jeanie Miley
      Jeanie Miley says:

      Thank you, Susan….Wish I could see you in person! May hope grow in all of us — especially through this time.


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