Practicing Resurrection: Step 10, Part 3

God has also given us the capacity to feel appreciation, to experience pleasure and to enjoy our lives every day.  If I’m doing any of those important things, I have to ask myself why I deprive myself of so much goodness.   What is blocking me from enjoying my own “one wild and precious life” to the fullest?  Am I really too lazy or too fearful to experience pleasure?  Or, am I afraid of looking foolish, wasting time, or going too far away from duty, responsibility and my almighty schedule?

And why is it that I cannot receive God’s forgiveness or forgive myself for something I deep unforgivable?  Do I really think that my own sin is so special that it is excluded from the mercies of God, mercies that are new every morning?   Am I such a case that God’s grace cannot redeem me?

So, at the end of the day, why not take a scan of your day and ask yourself questions such as these as part of your personal inventory?

Did I allow myself to take time to give myself compassion when I needed it?

Was there a moment when I blew off a compliment, thereby missing the lift it could have given me and discounting the giver’s intent?

In what moment of this day did I rush through a meal without taking time to savor it or ponder gratitude for having plenty to eat?

Did I spend too much time listening to things that unnecessarily upset me instead of taking time to savor a piece of music that I love, pausing to hear the wind blowing through the leaves, reading a good book, taking an invigorating walk — and on and on?

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