Growing Edges Keeping Hope Alive: Radical Courage in Difficult Times Part 4

And God loves us so much that our wrestling with him somehow increases our hope.

How about you?  What is the most audacious question you would like to ask God?

What unanswered questions have haunted you, but out of fear, you have not had the nerve to talk about them with another person?

If you have children, do you allow them to ask questions freely?

My belief about God is that he loves us so much that he can handle our biggest doubts, our loudest laments and our greatest protests.

(And if I am wrong, I still believe that he loves me — unconditionally, and will forgive my wobbly faith.)

Grace to you  — peace to you — and health to you — in this time of pandemic…






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  1. Elaine Rohr
    Elaine Rohr says:

    Here it is, Jeanie. You should get two emails from me generated…one from your blog page and one from here. Looking forward to talking to you on July third.

    • Jeanie Miley
      Jeanie Miley says:

      I finally got this! Thank you for calling my attention to some issues that need to be addressed. I loved talking to you last Friday. Love you, my longtime friend.


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