Growing Edges: Keeping Hope Alive: Radical Courage in Everyday Life Part 3

Centering Prayer is the way I open my mind and my heart and consent to the presence and action of God in my whole being.  It is the way I “put my hand in the hand of the One who calmed the waters….who parted the Red Sea…and who turned water into wine.”

The adult in me needs to care fully for the child in me, comforting, consoling and guiding me through the morass of this crazy, confusing time.

The child in me sometimes needs to cry to remind the adult in me that it is OK to cry when it is time to cry and that it is OK for me to ask for the help I need when I am frightened and feel alone.  My friends, this pandemic and all it has brought with it is cry-worthy.  

Who needs the touch of life, a word of hope, a compassionate presence in your life right now?

Who gives you presence when you feel afraid?  Whose hand can steady you when you wobble?  Whose voice do you need to hear when you are afraid?

God works through each of us, lending our minds, our hearts and our hands out to keep hope alive.

Grace to you —


  • The first person I heard say that despair is presumptuous was my friend and teacher John Claypool.   Later, I discovered that those words of encouragement were spoken by an old Rabbi to a man who felt that his life situation was hopeless.   The Rabbi said this:   I need to tell you that to a Jew there is only one unforgivable sin and that is the sin of despair.  To say that any situation is hopeless, to say that there is nothing redemptive that can possibly be done; that is simply not a position to be tenable.  Humanly speaking, despair is presumptuous.  It is saying something about reality that we finite human beings have no right to say because we don’t know everything….Despair is presumptuous because we are finite beings incapable of knowing all that we need to know…We are not aware of all that God has in mind.”

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. — Isaiah 26:3

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