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Jeanie Miley is a writer and columnist, spiritual director and speaker on topics of spiritual growth and contemplative prayer. Jeanie speaks and teaches in a variety of venues about what she calls “practical spirituality”.  One’s spiritual life practices and beliefs must have practical implications for daily life, and so the topics in her books and her teachings are intended to enhance the quality of relationships and bring fulfillment, as well as love, joy and peace in everyday life.

Jeanie’s New Release

Jeanie’s New Release

Practicing Resurrection: Radical Hope In Difficult Times

In Practicing Resurrection, Jeanie Miley reflects on the myriad ways the final line of a Wendell Berry poem shaped her understanding of God’s presence in her life—and its meaning for all Christians who yearn for strength and hope in the face of life’s difficulties. This “resurrection principle,” as Miley calls it, affirms that God is working for good in all of creation. In the midst of trouble and trauma, we can find hope by cultivating the presence of the Living Christ. Through stories of her own literal and metaphorical journeys toward hope and renewal, Miley demonstrates that when we face hardship or the inevitable, difficult transitions in life, we may practice resurrection—and trust steadily in the goodness and mercy of God.

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