Book Reviews

At a time in history when humans are more affluent, healthier, and have never been more in command of nature, levels of depression, anxiety, and despair are higher in the West and developing world than they have ever been. Practicing Resurrection penetrates this irony with gospel hope. Writer, teacher, and spiritual guide Jeanie Miley ushers the reader through life’s dramas, drawbacks, and devastations with an engaging and encouraging style of writing. The compelling narrative of her own experiences and insights into hope are illumined by lyrical reflections of God’s faithfulness through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The fruit of a lifetime of faithful ministry through writing, Practicing Resurrection is another gift from Jeanie Miley of grace and hope.

Brad Creed
President Campbell University

Jeanie’s book is a wonderful reminder that God can be found in the everyday experiences of life. Jeanie weaves emotions, wisdom, Scripture, and years of experience into stories that help the reader to see God with new eyes. It is through Jeanie’s stories of laughter, challenging conversations, travel, movies, tragedies, the death of dear friends, or a walk in the outdoors that the reader catches glimpses of a God who is present, active, and full of life—drawing us ever toward hope and resurrection.

Karen G. Massey
Associate Dean McAfee School of Theology
Mercer University

Resurrection happens. Jeanie Miley leads us to explore the creative impulse of a loving God who, with tenderness and surprise, will bring us back to life over and over in the course of our imperfect life pilgrimages. This book helps the reader be on the lookout for signposts of resurrection and the creative future awaiting each pilgrim.

Suzii Paynter
Executive Coordinator Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

I read Sitting Strong soon after experiencing a staggering series of “Job experiences,” including the deaths of my beloved husband, John, and my mother, as well as Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of my hometown, New Orleans, where my son lost his home and business to the storm. …Into that agony of loss and grief, Jeanie’s words gave me courage to keep “sitting strong” as long as it takes for healing to occur . . . and to trust that the very anguish I thought would destroy me could become an instrument of my redemption.

— Ann Claypool
(Mrs John R. Claypool IV)

Jeanie Miley carries us in this book!  She carries us with integrity into an honest discussion on suffering.  She carries us to the altar of the ash heap and helps us see that it is holy ground.  She carries us to sit strong, to wrestle with Job, his friends, ourselves and God.  She carries us to discover who God is to us and who we are to God.  She carries us to the bottom of despair and to the top of joy.  And, to each place, she carries us, we find God and God’s love.

— Bo Prosser
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

This is not another how-to-be-spiritual book, but a treasury of hard-earned wisdom from a Christian life well lived. . . . Joint Venture is in a way like Augustine’s Confessions—it takes one life deeply committed to the quest for Christian wholeness and makes it a rich resource for other seekers. Take and read. Here find wisdom.

— Loyd Allen,
Sylvan Hills Chair of Baptist Heritage and Professor of Church History and Spiritual Formation, McAfee School of Theology, Mercer University

With non-brittle, loving honesty and practicality, Jeanie Miley describes the journey of discovery and release of the loving, creative person in each of us who has been wrapped in the invisible grave clothes of denial and out-of-touch religious and social conventions. This is a strong, clear message that I believe can help thousands of women and men break through the frustrating fear of discovering and becoming who (and what) God made us to be. I strongly recommend this book.

— Keith Miller,
Author, The Taste of New Wine and A Hunger for Healing

In the book world, there is sacred space at the intersection of genuine warmth and healing wisdom. Jeanie Miley stands solidly in that space. Joining Forces is transformative, daring, and unapologetically hopeful. I have studied and taught gender for over a decade, and this book took me to a new place of healing and liberation. Read Joining Forces, talk about it, share it with people you love, and watch the possibilities unfold!

— Brené Brown, Ph.D., LMSW
Author of I Thought It was Just Me:
Telling the Truth about Perfectionism, Inadequacy and Power

In this honest and very personal book, Jeanie Miley provides a creative and impassioned response to the “gender wars,” calling men and women to recognize similarities and differences as signs of a common humanity. Blending her own experiences with other diverse voices she offers spiritual guidance and pragmatic strategy toward a new paradigm of male/female relationships and honest communication.

— Bill J. Leonard
Wake Forest University Divinity School